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News Letters
Rashtriya Anuvrat Shikshak Samsad  (National Parliament of Anuvrati Teachers)

Muni Sukhlal addressing the Ahimsa Training Camp Participants


Anuvrat Shikshak Samsad is an important unit of ANUVIBHA. It has created a strong network of teachers, parents and students across the country. Its main objective is to disseminate the message of Anuvrat Movement among teachers and students. Acharya Tulsi, the Sponsor of Anuvrat Movement, used to say, “If the teachers and students become anuvrati, the light can spread to all parts of India and a new era of disciplined life will begin. Guided by these words, Shri Bhikam Chand Nakhat and Dr. Heeralal Shrimali have been engaged in mobilizing the support of anuvrati teachers for Anuvrat Movement which aims at rejuvenating moral and spiritual values in the country. Later Acharya Mahapragya entrusted it with the responsibility of running nonviolence training centres across the country. It is a part of Anuvrat campaign. Here is a brief report of its recent activities:

(1) Intensive Nonviolence Training Camp at Tamkor (Rajasthan)
Tamkor is the birth place of Anuvrat Anushasta Acharya Mahapragya who has emerged as the greatest champion of nonviolence of this age. A 20-day Nonviolence Intensive Training Camp was inaugurated at Pragya Bhavan on March 8, 2007 with the recitation of Anuvrat Song. Shri Mangalchand ji Gidiya was the chief guest. 22 participants came from Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Delhi, Punjab and Assam. In order to widen and extend the area of Ahimsa Prashikshan at national level, RASS had decided that an intensive nonviolence training camp should be orga-nized during Acharya Mahapragya’s stay at Tamkor. Yogacharya Shri Vaikuthnath Pandey, Director of the Nonviolence Training Centre, Bokaro (Jharkhand) and Prof. Sadhu Sharan Singh Suman threw light on the significance of nonviolence training centre and the essential attributes of an ideal nonviolence trainer. The camp was directed by Mr. Suman.

The first session of the training camp began at 5.30 AM which continued upto 7.30 AM. During this period the participants did yoga for one hour and practised various steps of pranayam. Revered Samani Sumedha Pragya ji taught the participants the principles of Preksha meditation. The session on Transforming the Heart was directed by Dr. Heeralal Shrimali. Samani Manjul Pragya taught various exercises to participants. It was a very successful camp and the participants thoroughly enjoyed it. The services of Smt. Gayatri Sharma, Accupressure Expert, were utilized for the benefit of participants. In the meanwhile Dr. Shrimali, Shri Poonam Chand Cheap iPad 3 Cases ji Chordia and Shri Ramesh Nagar contacted the sarpanchas of 34 villages and teachers of 8 schools. During the period of this camp Mr. Niyaz Beg Mirza, National Co-convenor, RASS, delivered a series of lectures on the significance of nonviolence from Islamic perspective. He also spoke on paperless management and the importance of the training. Though Shri Bhikham Chand ji Nakhat was away in Hyderabad he stayed in touch with Dr. Shrimali on telephone.

(2) Intensive Nonviolence Training Camp at Rajsamand
A residential camp of three weeks duration was organized at the Peace Palace Anuvibha from 8th March to 28th March, 2007. It was inaugurated in the presence of Mr. Dharam Chand Jain, National Co-convenor andShri Sagar Mal Kavadia, Vice-President. In all there were 17 participants from Bihar, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Rajasthan. The entire day of the trainees was packed with activities which included exercises of yoga and pranayam, regular lectures on conceptual aspects of nonviolence training, experiments in the transformation of heart and the strategies for employment generation. The camp was concluded on 28th March, 2007 at Bagrinagar in the holy presence of Acharya Mahapragya.



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